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Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and has carved out an identity based on its cutting-edge architecture, buzzing nightlife scene and luxury shopping industry. The city has the feel of a glamorous adult playground, with its glittering skyline of tall skyscrapers stood close-by to the desert area where you can take a camel ride or go on a sand safari. The country has leapt forward in recent years and Dubai is now a truly global city that acts as the main business hub for the Middle East.

As you would expect from a city that derives a large amount of its income from tourism, the city is designed to please. Many of its iconic buildings were intended to impress and delight, such as the Burj Khalifa, a 160-story skyscraper with an observation deck, that is currently the tallest building in the world. The city embodies the juxtaposition of the old and modern worlds, with the architectural masterpiece of the Burj Khalifa near to an enduring reminder of the ancient world, the Dubai Museum at Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest building in the whole city. The city revels in its reputation as a shoppers paradise and essential nightlife spot for the wealthy. Dubai has numerous shopping centres including The Mall, a huge commerical and leisure complex, and Ibn Battuta Mall.

Those based in the city like to shoot for the stars and achieve the seemingly impossible. A perfect example would be the otherwise bizarre combination of ‘winter sports’ and ‘desert’, yet incredibly, Ski Dubai, a mountain-themed attraction with its own snow, exists for those keen on the sport. Similarly, events here come in two types: extravagant, and even more extravagant. When it’s time to celebrate, the city relies on fireworks, which you’ll find in their thousands at celebrations including National Day on December 1 and some of the most opulent New Year’s Eve festivities you can find anywhere in the world.

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